Posted Sep 4th, 2014 (8:41 am) by Alison Datko
Disney opposes Daudmau5's mouse ear logo.
Disney opposes Daudmau5's mouse ear logo.

Electronic music artist Joel Zimmerman is faced with opposition from Disney after applying to trademark his famous mouse-eared mau5head in the United States. Zimmerman responded to the "interesting news" with a Twitter message: "Lawyer up Mickey."

Zimmerman has a trademark for the Deadmau5 helmet/logo in over 30 countries, but Disney says one in the U.S. is likely "to cause confusion, or to cause mistake, or to deceive," according to the Guardian.

Zimmerman and his attorney Dina LiPolt appear ready to battle the multi-billion dollar corporation. In a comment for Rolling Stone, LiPolt states "Our client will not be bullied by Disney and is prepared to fight to protect his rights to his property."

On Twitter, Zimmerman points out some irony in Disney's dispute: "wishes upon star to become the thing i am today. becomes thing. gets stomped on. hahah wut? seems legit."

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