Posted May 23rd, 2014 (11:07 am) by Matt Felten
Youtube threatens indie labels
Youtube threatens indie labels

Youtube is developing a new music streaming service to be implemented in the near future, and they're now threatening to evict Independent record labels from Youtube if they don't sign their non-negotiable licensing contracts.

Many Independent labels are Youtube based, or rely heavily on Youtube for exposure. When this new streaming service comes into effect, any labels that refuse to sign the non-negotiable contract that Youtube has presented (in order to gain license to tracks for the new service)may have all videos, music, and any other content under the name of that label removed from the site. Naturally, this underhanded business move has pissed off basically every Independent music label in the world, with WIN(Worldwide Independent Network) stating: “We believe, as such, that these actions are unnecessary and indefensible, not to mention commercially questionable and potentially damaging to YouTube itself, given the harm likely to result from this approach.”

To make it even more reprehensible, Youtube has already formed separate contracts with the three largest labels, Sony, Universal, and Warner, leaving Independent labels to fend for themselves, or accept unfair licensing terms that offer much lower play rates than most other streaming services.

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