Posted Jul 17th, 2015 (10:04 am) by Matt Felten
Star Wars
Star Wars

With no warning whatsoever, Wilco has released a new free album featuring two of the internet's favorite obsessions, Star Wars and cats!

As far as we can tell, the music itself has absolutely nothing to do with either, but clearly the band understands how to tug on the internet's heart-strings.

Why drop the album out of nowhere, and for free no less? Tweedy has the answer:

"Well, the biggest reason, and I’m not sure we even need any others, is that it felt like it would be fun. What’s more fun than a surprise?”

Star Wars follows 2011's The Whole Love, and can be streamed in full below. You can download the album on Wilco's website, although you'll have to give up your precious email address.

Star Wars Tracklist

  1. EKG
  2. More…
  3. Random Name Generator
  4. The Joke Explained
  5. You Satellite
  6. Taste the Ceiling
  7. Pickled Ginger
  8. Where Do I Begin
  9. Cold Slope
  10. King of you
  11. Magnetized
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