Posted Aug 25th, 2015 (2:25 pm) by Matt Felten
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The Weeknd
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The plague of plagiarism didn't even try to be sneaky in The Weeknd's latest music video.

The Weeknd's highly popular video for "Can't Feel My Face" has garnered over 34 million views on YouTube in less than a month, but there's a catch: it's almost an exact replica of an existing music video for Majical Cloudz, which director Mitch Moore says was never released to the public due to "creative differences." According to Moore however, it was a large production with many private copies sent out to various persons for feedback.

After seeing The Weeknd's video and immediately seeing the similarities with one of his own, Moore took to Instagram to make the plagiarism known, sharing a clip with the suspiciously similar videos playing side by side (hilariously set to the tune of Shania Twains' "I'm Gonna Getcha Good!") and explaining the situation in depth:

So about a year ago, I directed a video for Majical Cloudz. Because of creative differences, it never came out. But the production was large, and many feedback emails were sent out with private uploads of the edit. It's come to my attention that some body at the helm of a certain mega popular video must have seen one or more of these unreleased edits. The resemblance is too uncanny. My mind is a mansion of creativity, so this petty theft is nbd to me. BUT I'M STILL CALLING THE POLICE!! ----------------- Good god now I have to make an addendum cuz of p4K et al!!! I'm NOT calling out any specific body including the video's director. BTW neither premise is original, and I'm not defending my work here. But the mise en scene of the shots and their function within the scene were too uncannily parallel. Third parties alerted me to this fact. I posted for two reasons. One: The Shania gag was HILARE!!! Two: The moneyed folks in the mainstream waste so much money trying to make half-hearted copies of work originally pioneered by gifted and under-resourced artists - many of whom I know personally. Plagiarism and brain drain happens at even the most shadiest of bcc: levels y'all...The fashion/production/management world is narrow. Again, idk nor idc if this actually happened in this case. But I MUST SAY - In the creative agency world, the gank-giddy decision making of creative directors (or whatever u call them) is silly because these folks know how to find the gurls. They could save so so so much money and get more impactful end products if they came straight to the source instead of hiring a middleman with the word "savvy" on their resume. I just don't get it. *goes back to storyboarding

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Besides text screaming "I'M STILL CALLING THE POLICE!!" Moore made no mention of pursuing legal action. It's fairly clear though that he would have a pretty strong case, as the scenes essentially follow each other shot for shot, with the only differences being color vs black and white video and the genders of a few characters.

Whether or not The Weeknd personally knew the plaigarism was taking place, the transgression shows a serious lack of respect for original artistry and creative property.

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