Posted Aug 26th, 2014 (1:03 pm) by Matt Felten

Monstercat artists Varien and 7 Minutes Dead are planning to soon release a joint EP titled Mirai Sekai, the story of two cyborg children on the run from an omnipotent artificial intelligence. The teaser for the new project has arrived.

The EP will be out on September 1 via Monstercat, stay tuned at IYS for the release. Watch the video teaser for the EP below, as well as the tracklist for the four part project.

1. Mirai Sekai Pt 1, Neo-Seoul
2. Mirai Sekai Pt 2, Neo-Tokyo
3. Mirai Sekai Pt 3, Aeon Metropolis
4. Mirai Sekai Pt 4, Goodnight_Sequence

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