Posted Aug 4th, 2015 (8:35 am) by Matt Felten
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In a tragic conclusion to an eventful weekend, a male and female attendee at Drake's OVO Festival afterparty were killed in a "sporadic" shooting, while three other victims were transported to the hospital in critical condition.

The shooting occurred at 3:30 this morning at the Muzik Nightclub in Toronto, right across the bridge from the Molson Amphitheater where OVO Fest came to a close at 11 p.m. Monday following it's two-night run.

According to Toronto Police Superintendent Frank Bergen, "this is a sporadic shooting that did occur just before 3:30 this morning at 15 Saskatchewan. It’s the Muzik Nightclub. A well-run event with lots of police officers in and around the area, culminating on a large evening event that occurred over at the OVO Festival."

One victim of the fatal shooting died on the scene, while the other was pronounced after being transported to the hospital.

“What occurred originally in the bar area had spilled out into the streets so south and north of this area we do have three separate crimes scenes,” said Bergen. “At this point we do know for certain that one or two [shootings] were in the nightclub and we believe the others were outside of that area. This is all unfolding now and we’re doing our investigation.”

A Youtube video showing an arrest of a potential shooter has surfaced, but police have yet to give any details.

Whether the shooting was in any way connected with Drake's beef with Meek Mill is anyone's guess. Either way, this terribly unfortunate incident has brought all the recently hyped up drama into perspective with what is truly important.

More news on the shooting as it comes.

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