Posted May 29th, 2015 (6:07 pm) by Matt Felten

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CA rapper Anthony is already making waves with his signature style at only 16 years of age, receiving quite a bit of internet attention with his recently released mixtape 43. One track of the compilation seemed particularly worthy of review: “43 Bands,” produced by Masego.

A reimagining of Drake's “10 Bands,” “43 Bands” is one relaxing and smooth ride. Anthony's vocals hold a humble and soothing quality; he doesn't try to dominate the track with his voice, but works with the instrumental to achieve a wonderful cohesion and balance.

Another thing that makes his vocals so unique is the slight pitch bends and tasteful accents on certain words. Not only does this add color to the vocals, but it almost makes it sound conversational, as if he is talking to you rather than rapping at you.

The production of the track itself is very professional, Masego did a great job of taking a boringly straightforward, bass heavy rap track and turning it into a melodic and dynamic instrumental. Drake's chorus fits perfectly into the airy and chilled out atmosphere, despite it being pulled out of a track with a very different style. The only issue we had with the production was at times it lacked variation during the verses. Even though it follows the vocals well, it does get a little dry hearing the same drum pattern over and over.

“43 Bands” brings a maturity and emotional grounding that is surprising from an artist of Anthony's age. It's a refreshing change from the mounds of generic and substance-free music that the rap industry is so heavily saturated with right now, and with his unique style of rapping and thoughtfully written verses, this kid is sure to go far.

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