Posted Aug 12th, 2015 (12:19 pm) by Matt Felten
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Skrillex thinks Deadmau5's aggressive personality is getting in the way of his talent.

Deadmau5 was one of the first major players to support Skrillex in his early days, but his current attitude towards the producer and his Jack Ü partnership with Diplo was made abundantly clear when he ripped on their track, "I Need Ü," featuring Justin Bieber earlier this year:

Deadmau5 also made a mocking parody of the Jack Ü track, "Where Are You Now," a hilarious but somewhat uncalled for troll track titled "Where I'm At."

In a recent interview with New York's 92.3 Amp Radio, Skrillex commented on Deadmau5's online outbursts and how they have started to push him away from the Mau5's music:

"I’ll always have love for Joel because he put me on at an early time, but he’s an asshole. And everyone knows that, and he knows that. And that’s kinda his thing."

Skrillex went on to say: "I don’t take it personally because I’m secure with myself and what I do, I love what I do. But I almost feel bad that that’s his one way of getting attention rather than going into music and curating. I think his attitude’s changed over the last couple years. I personally have become less connected to his music because his personality is almost overshadowing that, when he is such an incredible artist."

Skrillex is not the only artist that Deadmau5 has clashed with lately, he also attacked David Guetta on Twitter for using a live horse in a recent performance, calling him and the Club Pacha owners "stupid fucks" and describing Guetta as "shitty" and "overpriced."

Hear Deadmau5's "Where Are You Now" troll above, and give us your opinion on Joel's heavy-handed internet presence and Skrillex's criticisms on Facebook.


Apparently, Deadmau5 is a little sensitive when it comes to name-calling.

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