Posted Jun 24th, 2014 (8:55 am) by Matt Felten
Philip Selway solo album
Philip Selway solo album

While Radiohead takes a well deserved break from touring and before they start to piece together another album, the band's drummer Philip Selway will be putting together his own album, a solo LP titled Weatherhouse.

Set to be released on October 7, Weatherhouse will be Selway's second full length solo project since his 2010 debut Familial.

Check back at IYS for more on Selway's solo project, and view the Weatherhouse tracklist below.

Weatherhouse Tracklist

1. Coming Up for Air
2. Around Again
3. Let It Go
4. Miles Away
5. Ghosts
6. It Will End in Tears
8. Drawn to the Light
9. Waiting for a Sign
10. Turning It Inside Out

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