Posted Aug 25th, 2015 (6:11 pm) by Matt Felten

The Death Row Records boss hints that there are better ways to get away with murder.

The success of the N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton has brought up some painful and controversial issues, including Dr. Dre's misogynistic and physically abusive tendencies towards women, and the overall deceptive hollywood spin that was put on the movie to portray the members of the infamous rap group as heroes and nothing but. The latest skeleton exhumed however, concerns Eazy-E's death from AIDs in 1995. The movie's huge buzz and box office success has caused interview footage of Suge Knight joking about the late rappers death to go viral.

The interview with Jimmy Kimmel took place in 2003 after Knight was released from prison following a probation violation. In the video Knight states, "If you shoot somebody, you go to jail forever. You don't want to go to jail forever... They have a new thing out. They have this stuff they called... they get blood from somebody with AIDS and they shoot you with it. That's [a] slow death. The Eazy-E thing, you know what I mean?"

Watch below:

The highly insensitive joke is quite shocking, sickening even. Coupled with his nonchalant explanation of using HIV infected blood as a means of murder, it has raised new suspicion regarding Knight's involvement with Eazy-E's death, most notably with Eazy-E's son, Yung Eazy.

Whether or not Suge Knight was the one wielding the needle, the man who gave the orders, or he simply knows that someone injected Eazy-E, his criminal history confirms that he is more than capable of murderous acts. The rapper and Death Row Records boss was recently put back in jail after viciously running over two men working on the set of Straight Outta Compton earlier this year, one of whom was killed (Watch the video of the attack below, but be warned, it's graphic). Knight currently sits charged with murder, attempted murder, and hit-and-run, and faces life in prison with a hefty bail set at $10 million.

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