Posted Apr 14th, 2014 (2:00 pm) by Matt Felten
Check out "The Cold" by Exitmusic
Check out "The Cold" by Exitmusic
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Exitmusic is a product of talent and love. Current husband and wife Aleksa Palladino and Devon Church met in New York in 2003 and started to compose and record together in Brooklyn, before moving to Las Angeles and taking their joint passion and turing it into a career.

Together, Palladino and Church composed, produced, and promoted their first song compilation themselves in 2008, called The Decline of the West. They were married that same year and have been making music together ever since.

Their most recent studio release Passage produced by Secretly Canadian, yielded the song "The Cold," which can be heard above. "The Cold" was recently featured in the T.V. series Shameless, closing out the finale episode of season four with a dark and ominous finish.

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