Posted Sep 1st, 2015 (1:05 pm) by Matt Felten
Kevin Gates
Kevin Gates

Apparently, when you boot a fan in the chest for basically no reason at all, there are these annoying things called consequences. Who woulda thought?!

Over the weekend, a video surfaced of rapper Kevin Gates viciously kicking a fan in the crowd after she reached out and grabbed at his shorts. The woman was hit in the midsection, and ended up going to a hospital following the incident.

Clearly the response was unwarranted, and Florida police agree. That's why along with the State Attorney's Office, the Lakeland, FL police will most likely be charging the rapper for the attack sometime in the near future. It's not clear what the charges will be, but in some cases, maliciously kicking someone with a "shod foot" can be considered assault with a deadly weapon.

Seeing as this is the first widespread coverage on Kevin Gates since it was discovered he was having sex with his cousin at the beginning of the year, it's entirely possible this was a reckless and poorly planned publicity stunt. If so, it seems to be working.

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