Posted Jul 21st, 2015 (7:25 pm) by Matt Felten
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Producer Hudson Mohawke recently released a new music video for his track “Warriors (feat. Ruckazoid & Devaeux)." The video starring rapper Pusha T, and although the track itself is pretty good, the video offers almost nothing but some flashing lights and Pusha T in modernized samurai armor.

A good music video really only needs one thing: a story. Whether it be simple or complex, it doesn't even necessarily need to relate to the song as long as it tells a tale. This video tells almost nothing.

The black and white video starts off with a strobe warning, which is the first red flag that the video is going to literally rely on flash for it's substance. The first frame starts with a shot of a man with a gas mask, followed quickly by some barking dogs. The rest of the video? Almost completely aerial views of a city and shots of Pusha T in a “warrior” suit, either running, stumbling, on fire, or looking behind him apprehensively on a city sidewalk. All while dogs bark in the background. Some of the shots have a thermal filter while others are riddled with strobe lights.

Perhaps the point of the video was to leave the story so absurdly open that anyone could project their own interpretation onto it. Even if that was the case, they could have done a much better job setting up some sort of conceptual base to work off of. All in all, this video came off as an expose of Pusha T's face with half-assed, barely formed symbolism and some flashing lights to make it seem as if there was actually some sort of deeper meaning whatsoever.

“Warriors” is off HudMo's latest album Lantern, out June 15 of this year. Watch the video below, and hear another track from the album "Very First Breath (feat. Irfane)" above.

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