Posted Aug 13th, 2015 (12:15 pm) by Matt Felten
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The white-eyed rhymer has harsh words for hip hop.

Rapper Hopsin is fully fed up with the rap industry, and despite his egotistical demeanor when talking on the subject, he has some very valid points. The Funk Volume boss took to Twitter earlier today to speak his mind on the state of the business that he has made his name and millions off of.

Knowing Drake and how easily he takes offense, we can expect another "Back To Back" style track directed at Hopsin within the next few days.

Hopsin continues:

Hopsin has good reason for his vehement criticism of the industry. Despite his current success and obvious lyrical talent, his entire career has been an uphill battle against highly marketable but unintelligent hip hop. Hooks about sex, drugs, and cars sell like, well, sex, drugs, and cars. Lyrics that tackle more difficult subjects like religion, societal delusions, life, and death rarely make it to the top.

Still, Hopsin did make his bread and butter off the same industry he's criticizing, and though he is not wrong, perhaps some words of positivity and ideas for change would better serve the clearly screwed up system.

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