Posted Jul 21st, 2015 (2:23 pm) by Matt Felten
Ghostface Killah
Ghostface Killah
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Can't everyone just play nice for two damn days? In another bout of hip hop drama, Ghostface Killah has called out Action Bronson for a comment he made on ESPN Sportscenter regarding the likeness of the rappers voice's, Ghostface spouting harsh words and a death threat towards Mr. Wonderful in an overdramatic YouTube response video.

It's true that the two do have a similar tone and inflection in their rapping style, and until now both Bronson and Ghostface had a mutual respect and nothing but positive things to say towards each-other. Bronson has said that he feels honored to be compared to a rapper of Ghostface's caliber, and Ghostface has admitted that he's even mistaken Bronson's voice for his own. This civility has come to a bitter end.

This is the ESPN segment where Action made the offending comment, saying "He's not rappin' like this no more," after one of the hosts asked him a question about the similarities between the two rapper's vocal styles. Not a hard shot at Ghostface, but a shot nonetheless.

Whether or not you think Bronson was in the wrong, it in NO way warranted this:

Bronson has since apologized for his words on Twitter, which will hopefully be the end of this over-blown feud.

Ghostface vs Bronson adds yet another incident to the growing pile of recent hip hop bullshit, including Young Thug's arrest for threatening to kill a mall cop, DMX's 6 month prison sentence, Young Thug and Birdman's alleged murder plot against Lil Wayne, Cash Money's lawsuit against Tidal, and Joey Bada$$'s defense of alleged serial-rapist Bill Cosby.

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