Posted Sep 8th, 2015 (6:29 pm) by Matt Felten

The power of music is strong, and the will for change is burning.

With Canada's election looming and a large portion of the country fed up with the government's bs (limiting the media’s access to information, removing important environmental protection laws to name a couple), Feist, Dan Mangan, and the Sadies have teamed up for a series of anti-conservative concerts across the country with the goal of shaking off Prime Minister Stephen Harper's conservative chokehold on the nation.

Taking on the title #imagineOct20th, the rebellious concert series will hit Winnipeg, Toronto, and Vancouver with four dates spread across September and October.

#imagineOct20th's website gives a concise summary of the multi-day event's mission:

"We want to encourage Canadians to finally oust the Conservative Government, and to encourage young people to vote in general. In a country where the majority of voters did not vote for the current government, the Conservatives can only benefit from electoral apathy."

See the dates below, and learn more here.

Concert Dates

9/26 - Winnipeg, MB @ back alley party
9/30 - Toronto, ON @ 918 Bathurst
10/01 - Vancouver, BC @ Biltmore Cabaret
10/03 - Vancouver, BC @ Fox Cabaret (Not-a-Party Party)

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