Posted Apr 23rd, 2014 (12:39 am) by Matt Felten
Electric Zoo instating new drug policies for Electric Zoo 2014
Electric Zoo instating new drug policies for Electric Zoo 2014

It was unclear whether Electric Zoo would be returning in 2014 after the two unfortunate drug-related deaths at last years festival, which resulted in a heated national controversy surrounding the safety of the event.

However, the producers of Electric Zoo just confirmed on Facebook that the festival will in fact again be held this summer in New York, but with some intense new drug policies to prevent a reoccurrence of last years debacle.

Definitely the most extreme precautionary measure which will be present at Electric Zoo 2014 are drug-sniffing police dogs, which will be posted at all entrances and will actively search attendees for illegal substances, chiefly MDMA. In addition, there will be plainclothes security guards and background checks for venders and employees of the festival. Ticket-holders will also be required to watch a drug safety PSA before their festival passes are validated. Very clearly the producers and organizers of Electric Zoo are not taking any chances this year with regards to the audiences safety, and for good reason after last year. So tread lightly, but keep the party alive.

For more information on Electric Zoo'z new drug policies, click here.

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