Posted Jul 15th, 2015 (11:13 am) by Matt Felten
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Rapper DMX is being removed from the societal playpen for the next six months, after some naughty behavior and a hefty sum of owed child support finally caught up with him.

On June 26, The 44-year-old hip hop legend was apprehended before the Masters of Ceremony concert at Radio City Music Hall in NY, arrested on multiple outstanding warrants including a whopping $400,000 in owed child support in Erie County, jumping bail, and aggravated unlicensed motor vehicle operation. There was also a complaint against DMX in connection with a gas station robbery in Newark.

Suffice it to say, things are not looking great for the Ruff Ryder right about now. After the recent decision of Family Court Judge Deanne Trippi in his trial, DMX will get six months in the hole at Erie County Holding Center in Buffalo, NY, a "pretrial, maximum security detention facility."

As long as DMX is well received by the other inmates, this jail time could be a blessing in disguise. After all, Lil' Wayne's time in the clink resulted in some serious press and an overall boost for his career. Stay tuned for more on the DMX situation, and hear his "Ruff Ryders' Anthem" above.

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