Posted Jun 3rd, 2015 (11:55 am) by Matt Felten
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With music sales continuing to decline as free streaming and illegal downloading thrive, the answer to future monetization in the music industry is unclear. Diplo shares his optimistic view on the situation.

Diplo states: “I don’t care if anybody – and you can quote me on this – trades my records, leaks my records. I don’t care. I can’t make money off the sales, but I’ll make money off doing shows, or selling merchandise.”

Easily said by a DJ worth over $15 Million, but maybe he's on to something. Diplo also says he tries to embrace haters and all publicity, good or bad. “I’m, like, clickbait. I saw it with the GIF thing – I got more followers. People who didn’t know who I am known who I am now, even if they hate me. Is that a bad thing? Actually, no, in 2015 it’s not. Kanye proved that. All you need to do is be in their minds.”

Diplo's Major Lazer alter-ego just dropped a new album titled Peace Is The Mission. Hear the album track "Be Together" above.

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