Posted Jul 13th, 2015 (5:11 pm) by Matt Felten
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Cheese connoisseur and electronic powerhouse Deadmau5 can add yet another profession to his resume: Horse Rights Activist. After DJ and "producer" David Guetta incorporated a live horse into the Wild West themed opening night of his Fuck Me I'm Famous (really?) residency in Ibiza's Pacha Nightclub, Deadmau5 lashed out vehemently on Twitter for the blatant douchebaggery and disregard for animal well-being.

Deadmau5 is well known for speaking his mind about injustices and insolence in the EDM world, though usually his criticism comes with a laugh and a playfully flipped middle finger. This transgression however has sparked nothing but cold condemnation and fighting words from the mouse-mask crusader.

Watch the offending video below, made even more horrendous by an ear-curdling remix of Coldplay's "Viva La Vida" and a gang of dancers dressed in distastefully stereotypical Native American get-up, and hear Deadmau5's parody of Jack U and Justin Bieber's "Where Are You Now" above.

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