Posted Feb 20th, 2015 (8:00 am) by Matt Felten
Color Collage
Color Collage
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Brooklyn electropop artist Color Collage has remixed his new track "2048," kicking it up a notch to "2049."

Shane Conerty started Color Collage as a side project in 2010 while living in NC and touring in a band called Now You See Them. After the band went on hiatus, Conerty relocated to Brooklyn and continued working as Color Collage, building his sound and releasing multiple mixtapes.

Formerly releasing music as Leann Grimes, the maker of "Electronic Doo Wop" is currently working with Paper Garden Records under his moniker Color Collage.

Hear "2049" above, the self-made remix of Color Collage's latest single "2048" with Paper Garden Records. Buy the remix and the original on BandCamp, as well as a remix from RBTS WIN.

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