Posted Apr 14th, 2014 (2:00 pm) by Matt Felten
Deep City Culture Releases "Permutations in Petra"
Deep City Culture Releases "Permutations in Petra"
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"Permutations in Petra" is one of Deep City Culture's newest songs, the second track on the recently released EP Nomadic Chromatic.

The EP, produced by MalLabel Music, features four tracks including "Nomadic Chromatic," "Permutations in Petra," "Makeshift Mirage," and "Road to Damascus."

Deep City Culture's sound is difficult to lay your finger on. It has been called glitch hop, but there are so many other factors of their music that one genre label cannot do it justice. Deep City Culture themselves describe their sound as a mix of "West Coast Bass, Glitch Hop, TRAP, Breakbeat, Jazz, and World Music" but there are probably plenty more to add to that list.

"Permutations in Petra" can be streamed and downloaded above, and Deep City Culture's entire EP can be purchased here.

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