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Favored Nations
Favored Nations
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Spanning two continents, two record labels, and an eclectic myriad of musical styles, alternative nu disco trio Favored Nations is far from your average indie outfit.

Consisting of Morgan Phalen, James Curd, and Surahn Sidhu, Favored Nations operates out of studios in both Los Angeles and Australia. The band materialized out of a random encounter in LA between Curd and the already fairly established singer Phalen, who previously played in the New York indie band Diamond Nights and lent his voice to Justice's sophomore album Audio, Video, Disco. The two hit it off, and the foundation for what would become Favored Nations was set.

After returning to his home in Australia, Curd solicited the talents of Surahn Sidhu for the new group, a multi-instrumentalist who is now an integral force behind Favored Nation's full-bodied and cohesive sound. After an intense and unfaltering summer of playing, practicing, and writing at an ocean-side dwelling by the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia, the group recorded their first demos in early 2012 and took on the name Favored Nations in reference to their multi-national roots.

Continually growing and developing, the band then incorporated the creative production prowess of Joey Waronker into their work, an artist best known for his collaborations with Atoms for Peace, M83, and Beck, whose talents have even further expanded the horizon's of the band's ever-innovative musical landscape.

In October 2013, the band released their debut EP Blame Game a crisp and melodically infectious work made even more impressive by the mastering work of Brian “Big Bass” Gardner, who's engineering prowess has been proven through work with Michael Jackson, Donna Summer, and George Clinton, among others. Favored Nations released their second EP Amazon in 2014, an explorative 3-track. The band is currently facilitating the release of their upcoming full length album The Great Unknown, to be released on EtcEtc Music (Australia) and Antler Records (US).

Hear “Always” above, the latest release from the new album, watch the music video for “Blame Game” below, and stay tuned for more on Favored Nations in the near future.

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