Posted Jul 28th, 2015 (5:20 pm) by Matt Felten
Azealia Banks
Azealia Banks
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Rapper Azealia Banks Twitter-bashed the entire continent of Australia yesterday, saying that it's population are "terrible crowds to play for" in response to a snarky remark made by radio host Paul "Browny" Brown following her performance at "Splendour in the Grass."

The following comment by Brown refers to two 2013 Aussie shows that ended swiftly after cans and bottles were thrown at Banks, causing her to storm off the stage and cancel the shows.

The rowdy populace is not the only issue Banks has with the land down under:

Though her complaints may be valid, generalizing an entire continent as barbaric may come with some professional and social blowback, especially with the rapper's track record of highly vocalized anti-Australian sentiments. Last year she accused Australia of being "one of the most notoriously racist countries in the WORLD" and also told rapper Lupe Fiasco that in "Australia, those are white people. it’s cultural fetishism. they only like you because you’re black, not because you’re good.”

The latter was responded to by Melbourne band Closure In Moscow who wrote; “Calls out Kendrick on dumb shit then writes off Australia as a place of nothing but White cultural fetishists. DUMB CUNT,” shortly after Banks criticized Kendrick Lamar for defending Iggy Azalea.

This is the second Aussie related incident this week, with Tyler, The Creator being banned from the continent for promoting rape culture with his lyrics.

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