Posted Apr 22nd, 2014 (9:36 pm) by Lindsey Shumway
Landlady - The Globe

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Brooklyn’s Landlady delivers an evolving new track with a solid foundation – a soundation if you will – that provokes existential musings and keeps the listener guessing throughout its six minutes in length.

Lead singer/songwriter Adam Schatz, NYC jazz festival coordinator and former saxophonist of Man Man and Vampire Weekend, releases “The Globe,” with his band, Landlady, from their upcoming album Upright Behavior via Hometapes.

The song begins with a microscopic view of Idaho, and after sections where the song is uprooted and takes a different direction in tempo and collective sound, settles on a dazed conclusion which is repeated until “The Globe” stops spinning; ‘heading towards a black hole.’

Full musicianship represented in the six-membered outfit allows the track the freedom to support an airy key change after the first ideas of predetermination are introduced in the lyrics, and is even featured in the flowing transition suggestive of Bowie’s unconfined electric style to the next segment which builds momentum into a full-bodied movement.

From the vocals’ exposed reflections of the barriers of 'home' to the seamless transitions the band makes to illustrate them, “The Globe” simultaneously offers refuge for the resounding questions of the human spirit while it also proficiently represents them musically in their different shades.

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