Posted Jun 5th, 2014 (7:26 am) by Lindsey Shumway
Nils Frahm - Re
Nils Frahm - Re

German pianist Nils Frahm moved an artist into creating an animated video for his instrumental track ‘Re’ from his 2012 Screws album.

Director Balázs Simon identifies the backstory as well as the music that spoke to him when first listening to the album.

“Listening to ‘Re’ planted a story and a world in my head,” Simon said. A stag is the only living being in this world, which is an unstable habitat he can't escape from closing in.

After Screws, Frahm put together 2013’s Spaces, as well as assisted Ólafur Arnalds, Peter Broderick and Arcade Fire’s Sarah Neufeld in production. The composer also plans to tour North America in the fall.

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