Posted Dec 30th, 2014 (2:34 pm) by Liam Hart
Broken Social Scene - Golden Facelift
Broken Social Scene - Golden Facelift
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Earlier this year, Toronto's Broken Social Scene contributed a previously unreleased track to a compilation that Arts & Crafts put together. Now the band has put together a video for the song, and you can watch it below.

The band says the following about "Golden Facelift":

"2014 has not been without its beauty, but it has also been a year of incredible brutality and all of humanity has a great deal to answer for. Broken Social Scene aims to echo the voice and concerns of the underdog while creating music that will hopefully inspire those who are doing good and useful things for this planet and humankind."

As such, it's not that surprising that there are some disturbing images in the video.

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