Posted Jul 18th, 2014 (3:48 pm) by Liam Hart
MF DOOM and Bishop Nehru team up

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At only seventeen years old, Bishop Nehru is one of the most exciting young rappers in hip-hop, and the fact that he is now teaming up with MF Doom only bodes well for his future.

The first single we have from the duo, known collectively as NehruvianDOOM, is extremely promising. What may be surprising is that Bishop Nehru handles all of the lyrical duties, leaving DOOM to handle the production. What is not surprising, however, is that DOOM's production skills are exceptional, and what else would you expect from a guy who has worked at length with Madlib.

And the Madlib influence is definitely noticeable, as the beat on "Darkness (HBU)" has a soulful jazz foundation. The most notable instrumental elements are the repetitive bass line and the horns that serve to add an element of tension and texture in the background. This kind of production being featured on a track with an up and coming MC is refreshing given the current state of production in hip-hop that sees most producers creating tracks designed to be played in clubs, homogenizing the genre in the process.

Nehru's rhymes and vocal timbre mesh with DOOM's beat perfectly, and the track's repetitive lyrical hook will likely stay with you for a couple of days after just one listen. Check it out below.

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