Posted Sep 12th, 2014 (6:36 pm) by Liam Hart
Hear a new song from Parquet Courts

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Parquet Courts have already zeroed in on a pretty unique sound and their latest single demonstrates it in full force.

Released as part of the Famous Class LAMC split 7” series, "This Is Happening Now" is built on the same foundation that the Brooklyn band has employed frequently throughout their young careers. That foundation features a very matter-of-fact, minimalist rhythm section upon which hard-driving, but not too over-driven guitar tones are thrown down.

Musically, it's all pretty straight forward. Parquet Courts rely on dramatic changes of pace to make their songs sound urgent and interesting, and the acceleration in this latest single is whiplash inducing. Andrew Savage's vocals jump between listlessness and mania, perfectly suiting the song's speed change.

It's a strong effort, although not one that will catch anyone by surprise.

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