Posted Apr 3rd, 2014 (8:08 pm) by Stacie Sullivan
Elliott Smith
Elliott Smith

A new feature-length documentary on Elliott Smith titled Heaven Adores You will explore his life and feature unreleased music, videos, and photos.

Direector Nickolas Rossi was assisted in creating a portrait of Smith’s life by his own family and friends who opened up to share some of the artist’s unreleased material for inclusion in the film. Some of the interviewees include Jon Brion, Larry Crane, Neil Gust, Tony Lash, Brandt Peterson, Rob Schnapf, Slim Moon, Smith's sister Ashley, among others who tell the story of Smith’s life.

Heaven Adores You will premiere next month at the San Francisco International Film Festival. Below is Rossi’s own take on the documentary along with the Kickstarter trailer below.

"Heaven Adores You came about over many years. I wanted to build on the love that the fans had for Elliott. I wanted to do something that honored his contributions to the music scene, to the global community, and to my own personal journey. The circumstances around Elliott's death created a very tight circle amongst his friends. Everyone else seemed to want to pry into the sensational darkness surrounding his death.

What if we could make something about the life and music of Elliott Smith, instead of just focusing on his death? If we could make something that looked at his incredible talent as an accomplished musician and poet, instead of his struggles exacerbated by well-deserved fame? What if we could make something where Elliott was able to narrate the journey of his life and have his friends support his incredible story?

Heaven Adores You aims to be just that: A visual, melodic love letter of sorts to a musical genius, in the environments that he knew best: Portland, New York, and Los Angeles. By having Elliott guide us himself, via recorded conversations and interviews, I am hopeful that he can tell his own story once and for all, surrounded by the people who loved him dearly."

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