Posted Apr 23rd, 2015 (3:05 pm) by Stacie Sullivan
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Conor Oberst has reinvigorated his punk band Desaparecidos with the announcement of their sophomore album Payola due out in June From that album they have shared “City On The Hill” ft. Cursive's Tim Kasher. The track brings the band to new heights and really showcases Oberst’s talent as an artist.

Desaparecidos have a much different sound than Bright Eyes and his other side projects such as the Mystic Valley Band and http://monstersoffolk.com/ and “City On The Hill” is no exception. The song has a nice punk flavor with a big sound. It thrashes from start to finish and is quite riff happy.

The band’s earlier work took the natural and political leanings of Bright Eyes, but cranked them up with a post-hardcore sound. While this is still the case (as they made clear in their new music video for the track), “City On The Hill” has slightly brighter and clearer sound that brings Desaparecidos to new anthemic heights. Regardless, we can still hear Oberst screaming over the fuzzed out chorus. His sturdy howl really proves his stamina as a vocalist.

Payola is due out June 23 and you can hear the track above.

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