Posted Jan 12th, 2015 (7:10 pm) by Stacie Sullivan
Sufjan Stevens
Sufjan Stevens
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Sufjan Stevens has announced a follow up album to 2010's Age of Adz titled Carrie & Lowell.

The album is named after his mother and step father and will see Stevens diving back into his folk roots. He took to his website to write a length blog post about the album, which can be read here.

The album was recorded alongside Casey Foubert, Laura Veirs, Nedelle Torrisi, Sean Carey, Ben Lester and Thomas Bartlett. Carrie & Lowell will be released on March 30th via Stevens' own Asthmatic Kitty Records.

You can view the album's trailer below along with the track listing.

Carrie & Lowell Track Listing:

1. Death With Dignity (3:59)
2. Should Have Known Better (5:07)
3. All Of Me Wants All Of You (3:41)
4. Drawn to the Blood (3:18)
5. Eugene (2:26)
6. Fourth of July (4:39)
7. The Only Thing (4:44)
8. Carrie & Lowell (3:14)
9. John My Beloved (5:04)
10. No Shade in the Shadow of The Cross (2:40)
11. Blue Bucket of Gold (4:43)

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