Posted May 19th, 2015 (5:40 pm) by Stacie Sullivan
Steve Aoki
Steve Aoki
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Steve Aoki is known for his stage antics, but now he finds himself in the midst of a lawsuit because of them. One fan (maybe ex-fan now), Brittany Hickman, is suing the EDM star after she sustained a broken neck from Aoki performing a stage dive back in 2012.

Hickman attended Aoki's show at Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego where Aoki stage dove into a life raft.

The victim doesn't remember much as she was knocked unconscious, but security surveillance footage shows the DJ climbing up stage rigging to jump into the raft which was being held up by the crowd.

ā€œI was trapped underneath the pool raft because they threw it out right where I was standing. My friends told me he landed on top of the pool raft, hit me on top of the head and I got knocked over,ā€ Hickman told ABC 10 News.

In addition to suing Aoki, Hickman is also suing the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego. The case is now heading to trial on August 28th, 2015.

Footage from the incident can be seen below.

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