Posted Jul 31st, 2015 (9:45 am) by Stacie Sullivan
Dry Food Album Art

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Palehound will release their debut LP Dry Food next month, and in anticipation of the release they have shared a new track “Cushioned Caging.” It’s short, sweet, and a gritty number that will leave you wanting more.

“Cushioned Caging” begins in an odd manner - in the middle of a thought. "And when the organ starts a-playin," sings front-woman Ellen Kempner as her infectious voice crashes into the waves of sound. The band’s clanging instruments are reminiscent of late ‘90s indie music with the fuzzed guitars, powerful rhythms, and the pausing of vocals before a hard hitting passage of music. The dense instrumentation opens up towards the end of the track making it sound more like a jam session for the last forty seconds with single note riffs and off beat drum hits.

Lyrically the track has a lot of emotion behind it and Kempner’s writing has a wary edge that’s packaged in a bright, positive tone. This quality makes her songs irresistible. The title of the track is evocative of being trapped in padded solitary confinement which reflects the underlying theme of the song; feeling trapped in yourself. A feeling that most twenty-somethings can probably relate to. It honestly depicts the feeling of being trapped in your age, the people around you, and being ready to mature all while stuck in life.

“When all I know is cushion caging, beautiful books with missing pages / When all that’s left of me is my youth, hoping that my hair will start its graying,” Kempner sings. Her words have the genuine ability to create a feeling of joy while also saying something sad without compromising either of the two emotions.

“Cushioned Caging” successfully strikes a balance of finding strength in both lyrical and instrumental straightforwardness without coming off as thoughtless. The sharp production, strong lyrics, and unique instrumentation leaves a bold sound that the listeners won't forget.

Take a listen below. Dry Food will be released August 15.

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