Posted May 11th, 2015 (8:31 am) by Stacie Sullivan
Skye Steele
Skye Steele
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Earlier this year, Skye Steele released his album Up From The Bitterroot. From that album, his track Growing Song now has an entirely new feel on "Growing Song Redux."

Growing Song takes the listener on an adventure through the layers and dips of the song and reflects Steele's journey from New York City to a cabin deep in the woods of Montana’s Bitterroot Valley. During his time there, he collected dream journals at dawn which led him to write a new song each morning. He also studied Bach's sonatas for solo violin and took night runs up the icy mountain roads.

By the time Steele returned to New York, he was faced with moving on. He gathered a band of individuals who were more focused on deep personal trust rather than conventional concerns of instrumentation. The group spent the summer refining the raw sound from the Montana woods. Up From The Bitterroot functions like a chamber ensemble with instruments swirling around each other with four unique voices adding color to each song.

The result of this trans-formative experience brought together the unique and cohesive sound that can be heard on "Growing Song." Now, with "Growing Song Redux" remixed by Michael LaValle, we hear the artist being transformed even more. The calm, burning energy that is heard on the original version of the song now takes on a new life with abstract sounds. The remix maintains the calmness of Steele's vocals, but adds percussion and swirling synths. The track tells a story of the connection between mother and baby, and this personal sentiment is honored in the remix by changing the song enough to let it shine in a whole new light, while also keeping the original's classical sound intact.

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