Posted Mar 28th, 2014 (8:23 pm) by Stacie Sullivan
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Australian band Tame Impala are releasing a live EP from one of their 2013 shows in Chicago. The first listen off of the EP we get to hear is “Be Above It” from the album Lonerism. On the live version we can hear the band let loose. This version has a much different sound, but still hangs on to some elements from the recorded version.

Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker said they picked the songs “based on how different the live versions are from the album versions.” He wanted to give fans something they won’t already have. “Be Above It” was certainly a perfect pick for the live album. The live version is double the length of the original, almost reaching the eight minute mark. The song has a spacey and hypnotic feel with echoing falsetto vocals surrounded by swirling synths. The live version of the track features a heavy jam session mid song and has a psychedelic end. Although the live version of “Be Above It” has a more trippy feel, the band still holds onto the original shuffling drum beat and massive bass tones.

You can listen to the live version of “Be Above It” above, and be sure to pick up Tame Impala’s live album on Record Store Day (April 19th)!

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