Posted Aug 7th, 2014 (2:30 pm) by Stacie Sullivan
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Portland trio Greylag, is a band that should be on your radar. They will release their upcoming self-titled album this fall and off of that album we get to hear “Another.” This track is a whimsical folk song channeling influences from both Americana and hard rock.

“Another” ambles along for three and a half minutes without losing sight of where it is going. It is full of beautiful harmonies that soar over a great composition, creating a catchy and infectious sound. The song features folksy guitars and a stomping rhythm which channels the bands inner CSNY with the swagger of Led Zepplin. The track is confident, earnest, sweeping, and is something you could listen to driving in the car with the windows down. The lyrics are dark and emotionally softened, but the soaring melodies give the song a more fun and lighthearted feel.

“Another” is a simple enough track that it will appeal to the likes of many listeners. Take a listen to the track above and Greylag’s self-titled album will be released October 14th.

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