Posted Jul 28th, 2015 (9:30 am) by Stacie Sullivan
Tyler, The Creator
Tyler, The Creator
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Tyler, The Creator and Australia have a history. A bad history. In 2013 Collective Shout, a group that combats against the objectification of women, called for the Odd Future rapper’s Visa to be taken away and for all his shows to be cancelled due to his lyrics inciting hatred against woman. Based on Tyler’s most recent tweets, it looks like the petition has been successfully implemented.

The rapper addressed Coralie Alison, the Director of Operations at Collective Shout, in a tweet stating that “she won.” The petition was started after Alison was threatened both online by Tyler, The Creator and at one of his concerts in Sydney. At an all ages show he told his fans that "some bitch was trying to get him kicked out of the country," followed by one of two songs he dedicated to Alison. This one was titled "Bitch Suck Dick," which contains the lyrics “You dead bitch, I'm hot as fuck … Punch a bitch in her mouth just for talkin' shit.” Meanwhile, by doing so he’s promoting rape culture to his young fan base. That wasn’t even the extent of the threats. Alison wrote an article in The Guardian to share her full experience.

The petition asks the Immigration Minister of Australia to deny Tyler a Visa on the grounds that he fits the profile of a Controversial Visa Applicant. The letter suggests that that the rapper is a danger to a segment of the Australian community:

"Tyler the Creator seeks to enter Australia in order to profit from the broadcasting and selling of these lyrics. While his activities are therefore commercial, the content of the product he sells propagates discriminatory ideas about women and other groups, and represent a danger to a segment of the Australian community on the potential basis of incitement to acts of hatred.

Tyler the Creator has received widespread media attention over the span of his career for misogynistic hate speech against women, as well as homophobia. He is renowned for his songs advocating rape and extreme violence against women, including murder, genital mutilation, stuffing them into car boots, trapping them in his basement, raping their corpses and burying their bodies."

Alison and the rest of Collective Shout raise a good point, and Australia is one step ahead of the game by taking action against misogynistic individuals. Why should he or any other artist be profiting from hate speech? Rape culture isn’t a joke and this is an issue that needs to be addressed.

Collective Shout’s stated mission is to use grassroots campaigns to combat “the objectification of women and sexualization of girls in media, advertising, and popular culture.” The organization currently has 1,589 signatures on the petition. The petitioners cite Australia’s Commonwealth Government’s National Plan of Action to Reduce Violence Against Women and their Children 2010-2022 as directly conflicting with the message of Odd Future.

If the petition is officially passed, then this is a step in the right direction for woman. Hopefully it will allow Alison and any other woman who has been a victim of rape culture to be able to celebrate a small victory.

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