Posted Oct 23rd, 2014 (4:39 pm) by Stacie Sullivan
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New York producer, Com Truise has taken Bear Hands' track “Agora” from their album Distraction and given it a new spin. On this remix Com Truise gives the song a funky twist with a darker feel.

“Agora” is a song about vocalist’s Dylan Rau’s real life experiences with agoraphobia and Com Truise takes the track and shows respect for both the band and the song. Retaining the original version’s structure, Com Truise gives the song a new vibe with poignant synths.

This remix is a ‘80s disco-inspired track with a killer beat. Com Truise gives “Agora” a futuristic makeover by adding in a breakdown a little over halfway through the track. Your ears will be bombarded with a barrage of sounds, giving the track a darker feel before swirling synths lighten the track back up. The futuristic sounding synths carry the song for the remainder of the track while the vocals slowly fade out, making you feel as if you just went on a trip to another universe.

You can hear Com Truises remix of Bear Hands’ “Agora” above. Enjoy!

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