Posted Jul 21st, 2015 (10:00 am) by Stacie Sullivan
Mark Johns
Mark Johns

OWSLA has a new family member, so fresh that she’s only been making music for a year. Meet Mark Johns, a name that if you haven’t heard yet you’ll soon become very familiar with.

Mark Johns’ music career has been exploding effortlessly. She has no formal background in music. In fact, it was only a year ago that she was recording covers on her iPhone and yet last month a song she wrote with The Glitch Mob played during the NBA Finals.

So, who is Mark Johns? Her real name is Naomie Abergel and she’s a 21 year old aspiring vocalist from Singapore. She’s joined forces with Bearson, Sweater Beats, The Glitch Mob and others on collaborations that spread her name to all the right people including OWSLA head, Skrillex.

Her rise began when she first collaborated via an online interaction with Manila Killa which led to their first song together. This also served as Naomie’s induction into Moving Castle, what she describes as “an internet collective of really talented producers from all over the world.”

It was her cover of Kanye West’s “Ni**as in Paris,” alongside her collaborator Sable, that caught the attention of the internet world. Blogs consumed the single and Naomie’s Twitter feed blew up after Skrillex shared the track on his own account. The two began messaging which eventually resulted in Naomie making a trip to Los Angeles, where she now resides, to meet Skrillex in person.

In the following weeks Mark Johns produced 12 songs, one of which was the collaboration with The Glitch Mob, “Better Hide, Better Run.” After that, talk of a record deal became serious and a few months later she became the newest member of the OWSLA family. OWSLA is known for seeking out artists that don’t necessarily fit within the narrow spectrum of electronic dance music and Mark Johns is no exception.

"I heard her music and she sounded like someone that I could really connect with," said Skrillex. "We've never had anyone like her on OWSLA and with her unique sound and our friendship it's going to be a lot of fun for us.”

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