Posted Jul 23rd, 2015 (11:00 am) by Stacie Sullivan

In an unprecedented move, two industry rivals have joined forces in the never ending battle to come out on top in the music streaming industry. Beatport will now bring video and curated playlists to Spotify.

Beatport came on the market in 2004 as an online download store aimed at fans of electronic music and has since expanded to streaming and video. In 2013 SFX, the live music company behind some of the largest EDM festivals, acquired Beatport. Partnering with Spotify will likely give EDM music another push in popularity as well as give Beatport more credibility in the online streaming industry.

This is the first partnership Spotify has made since they announced their “new platform” on May 20, which was set to focus heavily on video. The pairing will help Spotify keep up with Apple Music, which has already posed a huge threat to their success in the industry. One of Apple Music’s most popular features is their curated content hand picked by industry professionals and artists. In order to compete Spotify needs to get more personal with listeners. Beatport is that touch of personality that Spotify needs.

"We have a unique perspective on what's trending, (and) which new artists are breaking. We're taking that expertise to Spotify -- we'll be curating unique weekly playlists that really only Beatport can do. It's a really interesting opportunity for us to be looked at by Spotify, where they have a lot of electronic music, but they don't have the same expertise that we do,” Beatport’s CEO Greg Consiglio told Billboard.

Beatport isn’t just in the online streaming and download business, they’re also heavily focused on video. The service is now starting to capture the essence of what's going on in the world of electronic music with exclusive footage at SFX owned festivals. Festivals including TomorrowWorld, Rock In Rio, Electric Zoo and Mysteryland. This footage will now be made available to Spotify’s large user base, extending Beatport’s audience reach.

Spotify has 75 million users, and 20 million of them pay a monthly fee to avoid commercials and to gain full mobile access to its library of 30 million songs.

"We look at Beatport as a way to get people who may not even recognize themselves as electronic music fans. People look at SFX or Beatport and just see EDM, but we know there's a variety of genres below EDM, and we're in a unique position to promote those genres,” Consiglio told Billboard.

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