Posted Jul 7th, 2015 (5:17 pm) by Stacie Sullivan
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Last month Beach House announced that they would be releasing Depression Cherry, their first album since 2012’s Bloom on August 28th via Sub Pop. They have now shared the album’s lead single “Sparks” and it’s a return to their past, but with enough change to keep listeners hooked.

Overall we hear Beach House’s sound remaining robust with lead vocalist Victoria Legrand’s ethereal vocals heightening the track’s emotional state. “Sparks” is an intricately woven loop of live samples with sonic sounds layered just right. Opening the track is a hymnal sigh that’s broken by a shoegazey guitar smothered in feedback followed by loud, knocking drums. All of the elements combined creates a much louder sound than what we expect to hear from Beach House, but the change sounds organic and they wear it well.

"Sparks" gives me the comforting feeling of laying on the bottom of the pool, staring up at the sun shafts, and watching the world above me with. That moment when you reach the surface and return to the noise is when the fuzzed out guitars kick in. "Sparks" is the perfect track to chill you out on a hot summer day.

With a dreamy feel, “Sparks” is a triumphant and gorgeous return for Beach House. Take a listen above.

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