Posted Jul 16th, 2015 (8:30 am) by Stacie Sullivan
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All Dogs is not your average punk band. Hailing from Columbus, OH, the quartet describes their sound as “loud pop songs.” Their new single “That Kind of Girl” is no exception with its positive energy and contagious chorus.

“That Kind of Girl” has a bold sound with a loud squalling guitar, echoing vocals, muffled drums, and upbeat catchy lyrics. Out of all the elements in the track, the most unique is front woman Maryn Jones untouched, trembling vocals as she sings about an ex-lover and her own character flaws in a mature and simple way. Her obvious strong sense of well being tied with the song’s positive sound makes “That Kind of Girl” a great power-punk track.

“That Kind of Girl” is a song that every female can identify with which makes the track special. Being “that kind of girl” is something we all feel at some point in our lives. Jones takes all our frustrations and puts them into one catchy song. “If you’re wanting something else then that’s all you have to say,” Jones sings. “Not to hear my voice on the phone saying that I’m not ok/ I am underneath the water kicking every day.”

All Dogs will release their debut LP Kicking Every Day due out August 28th via Salinas Records. If “That Kind of Girl” is any indication as to how the record is going to sound, I can’t wait to hear more fuzz and sunny punk.

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