Posted Jul 30th, 2015 (3:49 pm) by Stacie Sullivan
Kicking Every Day Album Art

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“Skin” is the second song to come from All Dogs' upcoming LP Kicking Every Day and it’s quite a different affair than the first, "That Kind of Girl."

Where “That Kind of Girl” saw the band entering a power-punk genre with a confident tone, “Skin” is a much softer, slower, and strung-out number with an introspective take. Here, we see front-woman Maryn Jones in a much more pensive and self-depreciating state. At one point she sings "I will find a way to justify my pain/I will cry, I will lie, and I won’t be satisfied," eager to open up, but unable to find the right words. The track places her in a vicious cycle of a relationship set up for failure.

“Skin” gets to the heart of a situation everyone experiences in life. We distance ourselves from the ones we love out of fear of ending up hurt, which really only causes more hurt. The track has an apologetic sound, that was beautifully created by Jones’ calming voice, with strong a strong sense of longing weaved between wavy guitars.

“Skin” can be heard above and Kicking Every Day will be released August 28th via Salinas Records.

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