Posted Oct 20th, 2013 (1:37 am) by MJ Tattar
Cut Copy - Free Your Mind

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Melbourne’s Cut Copy made quite a splash when their 2004 full-length debut, Bright Like Neon Love, helped popularize pop-style lead vocals layered over steadybeat dance tracks. Since then the band has done fine for themselves, although the babystep evolution of their voice has yet to provide another fresh surprise for dancepop.

Their latest single, “Free Your Mind,” is certainly more filled out than much of the material on Neon Love. The production is a bit crisper than 2008’s In Ghost Colours, but not much more developed. There is some mild experimentation with ambient noises like running water and dogs barking, but they sit far back on the mix; the whole would not have felt any less without them, really. The vocal treatments receive more attention, but these effects aren’t anything we haven’t heard on countless dance tracks in recent years - some reverb, some saturation swoops in and out. Even the lyrics recall standard EDM samples repeated into oblivion: “You gotta reach the sky if you want your life to shine… Shine, brother, shine on. Shine brighter than the sun.”

The ongoing convergence of pop and electronic dance music was inevitable, which is not to say Cut Copy’s contribution as catalyst was insignificant. Their music is still enjoyable, and still danceable, it’s just lost its innovative edge.

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