Posted Nov 22nd, 2013 (4:33 pm) by Austin Murphy
Painted Zeros - This American Life

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It's a feeling that all of us know: Wake up on Monday morning. Slave your way through the week. Come home Friday evening exhausted and unsure of your impact on the world. Katie Lau of the Painted Zeros knows this feeling all too well and wrote an entire song about it. The result is their latest single "This American Life."

The second track off Painted Zero's upcoming EP SVALBARD, "This American Life" paints the perfect picture of living as a member of the American working class. Lyrics like "wake up so tired i feel dead" are immediately relatable for anyone that has ever worked a 40-hour week. The song effectively puts Lau on display as a lyricist and highlights the band's collective ability to work together. The rhythm section of the group is perfectly executed with sharp snare attacks on the drums, and Lau and now-former-bassist Andy Dymond meld together to form pleasant harmonies and catchy hooks. The only downside to the track is Lau's reluctance to bring her tender voice to the foreground, although this could be intentional based on the song's message: Katie takes comfort in her "smallness" and feels "like a ghost most of the time." This brutal honesty is a meaningful insight to the singer's mind.

Whether noise rock is your thing or not, the message within the lyrics of "This American Life" is worth understanding for anyone. Stream and download the new single above.

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