Posted Sep 29th, 2013 (10:08 pm) by Austin Murphy
Blackrune is a psychedelic rock trio from Savannah
Blackrune is a psychedelic rock trio from Savannah
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We barely dipped into the whole story behind psychedelic rockers Blackrune when we discussed their new track "Into the Pneuma" last week. After diving into the narrative, we have discovered that the depth to Blackrune's tale is much more akin to the Mariana Trench than your average swimming pool. The shamanistic ways of P.M. Goerner and company are captivating enough within themselves to instill a desire to learn more about the group.

Goerner wasn't always a ritual practitioner with psychedelic tendencies. He was raised and fostered in the DIY and punk scenes, but early exposure to Pink Floyd motivated him to create shockingly original music. A native of Greenville, S.C., he transgressed an era of electronic music under the name Magic Places before making his way to Savannah, Georgia to rediscover his love for guitar. Alongside Chris Goggans (bass) and Matt McCullough (drums), Goerner engineered the birth of Blackrune to make use of his shamanistic urges. Their debut five-track cassette, Akhenaten Percentages, was released in August of 2012. Under the label Furious Hooves, this cassette introduced the group to the public via tracks like "A Thousand Stairs" and "At Falconer's Folly." As for current works, Blackrune will soon be releasing their second cassette, Omphalos, which includes the aforementioned "Into the Pneuma."

Psychedelic rockers, marijuana enthusiasts, and shamanistic individuals alike should all be able to see the value within Blackrune. Some groups find it necessary to rely on vocalists to carry the weight of a band's message, but Blackrune is more than capable of accomplishing this solely through the clairvoyant vibrations of the universe.

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