Posted Apr 15th, 2013 (12:00 pm) by Alyssa Kropp
Cayucas Bigfoot Secretly Canadian

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Ever imagined Edward Sharpe and his band playing in a subway? Because Cayucas' "East Coast Girls" is kind of what it sounds like (without the really large backing band or large arrangement).

In addition to the reverb/echoing vocals, there is a definite sense of California happiness and surf dreams, something that Cayucas' Zach Yudin has in common with the aforementioned band. Images of cold drinks and people in bathings suits are brought up between Yudin's use of handclaps and heys (in current indie fashion), coupled with a guitar and a repetitive bass line.

While the song is happy and a good tune for the upcoming months, its lack of complexity makes it take a back seat to other new tunes, chalking it up to something we're likely to only keep in our register for the season. The vocal effects are charming at first, but have been done numerous times before and make it difficult to hear the words in the chorus. Lyrically, it's charming and sticky sweet, capturing the summer crush aesthetic to a T.

No denying, this is a solid track that exemplifies that summer feelings we're all vying for, but it doesn't really break any barriers. Throw it on your summer playlist and dream about the sun, but don't feel bad when you move on to the next worry-free tune.

Cayucas' album Bigfoot is out April 30 via Secretly Canadian.

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