Posted Dec 21st, 2012 (1:30 pm) by Rachel Rosenson
Speck Mountain "Badwater" Cover

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Considering the dropping temperatures and torrential downpour here in Chicago—not to mention the approaching end of the world—Speck Mountain's unique gloomy-with-a-hint-of-wonderment sound sums up the atmosphere here quite nicely.

In their latest album, Badwater, what was previously a duo of Karl Briedrick and Marie-Claire Balabanian expanded into a four-piece band with an elevated sound of their own. Speck Mountain’s latest track “Slow So Long” is the perfect edition way of introducing that strong and unique sound.

Like most of Speck Mountain’s tracks, “Slow So Long” is not necessarily a combination, but a correlation of psychedelic music, rock, and electronic. I make the distinction because the Chicago based group has not merely jumbled together several genres, but isolated key elements of each genre's sound they have coined as “ambient soul”: the blissed-out moaning voice of psychedelics, the strong chords of rock, and the underlying analog synths and reverb of electronic.

“Slow So Long” is the perfect myriad of the three elements this group has mastered. The song is mellow without feeling sleepy, dreamy without becoming too trippy, shows strong musical talents without being strictly instrumental or strictly electronic.

Speck Mountain has not only mastered bringing together three genres, but in “Slow So Long” they have mastered the perfect song for a rainy day that is not depressing, but beautiful in its own right.

Listen to "Slow So Long" here.

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