Posted Jan 25th, 2013 (12:00 pm) by Rachel Rosenson

British band Foals definitely produce good quality indie-rock-dance music. However, the music video for their latest track “My Number” diminishes the quality and the talent this band is capable of.

“My Number”, off of their third and most recent album Holy Fire, has good moments. The use of trippy lighting and crazy concert scene dance parties are great. However, the music keeps going in and out in an effort to show the story of a kid who gets rejected at the door. Some music videos that are very art oriented and become mini-films in themselves use that technique of bobbing in and out of the actual sound. However, with a story line so simple as just a boy who wishes he was at the concert, and a generic idea for a music video of just the band performing the track at a fun concert, there is no need to stop playing the song. Music videos are to promote the song, therefore it helps if the song is playing.

If the song “My Number” actually played throughout the music video, it would be a fine video. It is still a bit of a generic concept, but the footage is well done. However, the audio techniques make the video confusing and difficult for listeners to fall in love with the song.


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